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. >> reporter: kids typically begin to experiment with alcohol. >> reporter: gansler, who is maryland's top law enforcement officials has spoken out against underaged drinking. he and the parents of several teens, rented the home in june, after his son's high school graduation. >> reporter: police here in town say they're not investigating whether adults illegally watched as minors consumed alcohol. they say too much time has passed to prove anything. they've also consulted with delaware state police. >> reporter: those living nearby say south bethany is right for cracking down. >> every parent should be aware of what their children are doing at all times. i don't care whether they're 12 or 19. >> reporter: while the picture has been a blow to ganz bler's bler's cam -- gansler's campaign for governor, what happened at this now quiet beachtown has sparked a nationwide conversation about parental responsibility. >> reporter: gansler has admitted he made a mistake, not investigating whether there was underaged drinking at the party. in south bethany, delaware, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >
announced indictments earlier this year. >> we need to be relying on people who are in law enforcement or associated with law enforcement to make sure they're on our side and not the criminal side. >> reporter: wjz obtained the guilty plea, where she admitted to having sex with two gang members. easy prey for leadership, who ran a corrupt empire. >> it was a strategy to identify people they thought would be weak. >> reporter: dennis would have another officer serve as a lookout, while she had sex in a closet, with a gang member inmate. and published reports said she hoped to earn snuches $-- as much as $2,000 a week, smuggling contraband into the jail. >> reporter: bgf started in california, and later hit it big in maryland, becoming the state's largest prison gang, distributing a book, and quickly developing a network selling drugs behind bars, where one of the gang's king pins made more than $15,000 a mont. critics wonder how this happened. >> looks like the rot is pretty longstanding and pretty deep. >> those documents -- indictments are a direct result of our efforts. >> one by one
and think they're above the law. >> the 86-page complaint ladies and alleges officers handcuffed him madicious -- maliciously. >> it was not discipline. there is no accountability. they fail to train, fail to supervise. and as a result, the sta citizens are placed in peril. >> reporter: they have not commented on the lawsuit. >>> a house fire has claimed the lives of two people in north baltimore. mary has the latest on the investigation. >> city fire officials say two elderly people died after being pulled from the home. you can see the extent of the damage done to the house. the fire appears to have started in a middle room on the first flar of the two staph hear duplex. fair are fire fire the -- firefighters say the two people died of asphyxiation, while being rushed to the hospital. >>> shot rang out just after 1:00 this afternoon. at 22nd and kennedy. one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene. the second of the transported to johns hopkins hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. >>> no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to contact baltimore city
the latest on the shooting in l.a.x. a law enforcement official says that the suspect is 23-year-old paul siancia. he was carrying a bag with a handwritten note that read he wanted to kill tsa agents and pigs. police are still searching for a motive in that shooting. check in with wjz for complete coverage of the shooting at l.a.x. we'll bring you the latest information on suspect. the victims and the impact on travel. >>> millions and millions of dollars lost. tonight, ray lewis is one of more than a dozen former nfl players who filed a massive lawsuit against banking giant, bb&t. wjz is live. derek valcourt explains, why the players say the bank owes them more than $60 million. derek? >> this lawsuit alleges that people connected with the bank literally forged the athlete's signatures and made millions in unauthorized withdrawals. >> reporter: ray lewis's work on the field. >> it's personal now. >> reporter: made him one of the highest-earning ravens of all times. now, this $60 million lawsuit filed against bb&t, claims one of the banks, through one of its business partners, lost nearly
is charged with violating the move-over law, and failing to control the speed of his vehicle, to avoid a collision am. >>> well, a welcomed warmup our area today. let's take a live look outside. mix of sun and clouds. but temperatures today were mild. look at that gorgeous sunset. blue sky. sky eye chopper 13. what can you expect for the week and halloween? wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is at fells point with wjz, the mobile weather lab. but first, bob has an update on these chilly temperatures. but warmer today. bob? >> we warmed up today in the mid-60s. you bet. got up to about 65 this afternoon. after a chilly 33 this morning. right now, at 57. 50 out in oakland. 60 in ocean city. and 61 over in d.c. the dew point up to 41. still very dry air. right now we're 2 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. but this morning, we did have chilly temps. we're at 33 degrees here. 30 in oakland. and 34 in cumberland. it was ray chilly morning. let's check in with meteorologist chelsea ingram, live at fells point with the wjz mobile wea
be armed. we believe that creating a layer of security within tsa where there are law enforcement officers at tsa that are, would provide like a nationwide law enforcement force to back up our officers and secure those checkpoints is something that needs to be examined. >> reporter: reports also indicate that ciancia's father called police on friday after another family member received a suicidal text from ciancia. police went to ciancia's apartment to investigate but by then it was too late. the shootings had already begun. >> thank you, derek. federal authorities are now promising a new review of security reviews in light of friday's shootings. >>> mary is live in the newsroom -- >> reporter: reports of a person carrying a gun or handgun. 400 student residential metro. one student told police he saw a suspect wearing a mask camouflage mask and carrying a sword. turns out the scare was unfounded. the lock down was lifted late this afternoon. three students are being questioned by police. back to you vic. >>> so far no charges have been filed. >>> deadly dog attack. a baltimore woman maule
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6